Ode to Eggs #Poem

I was never really fond of eggs
until I became a vegan!
Now there’s a prime example of,
“You always want what you can’t have!”
There I was, no animal products allowed,
when suddenly, eggs became one of my favorite foods!

I can’t say I had a tangerine dream about them,
or maybe I did
and just don’t want to admit it!
I can still see eggs now in my mind,
bright yellow as morning sun rays!

Eggs are easy peasy to prepare
and take no time at all,
a blessing at breakfast–
the most important meal of the day!

I like them scrambled,
baked in a casserole or over a hearthstone fire,
and almost any other way
besides in a puddle on my plate!

If I were an astronaut,
would I like them freeze-dried?
Would I fortify myself with a couple space-age eggs
before a difficult day of moon walking?
Or return to my vintage turquoise spaceship
and whip some up before a cozy nap in my pod?

I’ll never know!
Space may be the final frontier,
but I enjoy my eggs
just fine
right here
right now
on earth!

My response to Linda Kruschke’s
Paint Chip Poetry Prompt #49

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