Unprompted #Poem

Nothing comes from nothing;
Therefore, nothing is truly unprompted.

That which makes the gingerroot grow
And the coyote howl;
The King of earth and sky and sea,
The Power some call Neptune,
Gives the green light for all that is,
For He is All that is.

Let us seek our home base
Deep within ourselves,
And find within the same Ilumination
That lacquers shining stars and objects both!

This is our Light,
Our Life,
Our Inspiration!
And may we listen
To the Spirit’s promptings!

My response to one of Linda Kruschke’s previous Paint Chip Poetry Prompts, where she and Ron ask,
“What if there were no prompts?”

One thought on “Unprompted #Poem

  1. Loves this. I’m currently studying and teaching 4th and 5th graders Genesis in BSF. My thought on your first stanza is that “nothing comes from nothing” unless you are God, and then all that is came from nothing and your word. 🙂

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