My Isolated Life #Poem

Before this mass isolation,
I was already isolated.
For more than a year,
I’ve talked to the same person,
Been to just one place for someone else’s appointments,
And really had only myself as good company.

Before social distancing,
I was already more distant than ever.
I’ve had no contact with friends, family, or even acquaintances.
Social media? Oh no,
I dare not get involved!
I am my only antisocial outlet.

Before economic difficulties,
I was already broke,
And I don’t just mean not having much money.
Rather, I had no resources, still don’t.
I work plenty, but I’m not allowed to earn.
And only I know how I feel, being well and truly trapped.

Before everyone stayed home,
I was already stuck,
Imprisoned by past choices.
I cannot leave
Without support, finances, work and a home.
I am a caged bird, singing to myself.

Before wide-spread depression,
I was already depressed.
Yes, I have regrets, guilt, if-only’s.
There’s so much I want to share, do, and be!
The up-side? When you tell me of your isolation,
You know I understand!

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