“Dayenu” It Is Enough! #Passover #Music #Mp3

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Here is a Passover song, popular at Jewish-American seders. It’s arranged for a small, 15-string zither, and you may
contact me
for a free tutorial if you want to learn it by ear.

I first heard this song in an Elementary School music class. At the time I didn’t know its significance, but I loved it. The next time I heard it was during a self-study Hebrew course, when I purchased CD’s of Jewish children’s music. I’ve always found music and singing to be helpful in learning languages. I’d forgotten about the song in the intervening years, but it showed up again when I was looking for Passover music. My heart leapt, “I remember that song!”

As this
points out, “It’s rare to hear people say, when commenting on a blessing in their lives, “It’s enough.”

Don’t miss this fun version by the Maccabeats:

Whether you’re celebrating Passover or not, may you realize, not intellectually but spiritually, that wherever you are and whatever you have right now, it’s enough!

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