“Coffee Conundrum” #Poem

I’ve had so many bad cups of coffee;
That would surely put most people off it.
I’m accepting the fact,
For I now drink it black.
And the up-side? That makes it less costly!

This Limerick makes up for the poem I didn’t write yesterday. Why didn’t I? Because I was trying to get a supermarket delivery time before the 14th! Yes, a time less than 2 weeks from now! This wasn’t possible, and the 14th it is. I thought one benefit of having delivery service was timeliness. Apparently not!

This is on top of the other restrictions. Two cases of water per customer. A third of the items I usually order (not extras, mind you, but my usual items in usual quantities) are out of stock. Item substitutions are suspended until further notice. I.e. if the brand you chose isn’t in stock, instead of receiving a price-equivalent item, you get nothing. But you don’t know that until the delivery day, and can’t modify the order to choose something else. There’s also holiday time in between when there are no deliveries at all.

Now add explaining all this several times to my husband, and hearing him complain for the next two weeks. So, this is my life now?

Anyway, if you have coffee, food, and other essentials, and/or you can get what you need in a reasonable and timely manner, please be grateful! And help someone else if you have the nerve. Because it still takes some of us several hours to accomplish (if you can call it that) a seemingly simple, everyday task.

And do I really have to say this? Please, please don’t buy in excess! I guarantee you at some future time, the news will be broadcasting how much food people threw away because, guess what? they hoarded more than they needed, when they could have been sharing it with someone less equipped than they are!

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