“Muss I Denn (Wooden Heart)” #Music

This traditional German folk song rose to worldwide recognition with Elvis Presley’s “Wooden Heart.”

I studied German for many years, from middle school through college, traveled to Germany and Austria, and taught German to younger students here in the U.S. I remember learning to sing the original German version of this song, and I also played it on recorder. I was one who chose to play recorder voluntarily. I.e. it wasn’t something required of me in elementary school, unlike my son, who had to learn recorder in third grade and wasn’t thrilled about it. 🙂

The song is about an apprentice/journeyman who must go away for training, leaving his sweetheart back in his hometown. He promises to be faithful, and I like to think he keeps his promise!

I hope you enjoy “Muss I Denn” on zither!
Download “Muss I Denn” Mp3.

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