The Sounds and Smells of Spring

Some Springtime humor from my husband. I couldn’t resist sharing this. šŸ™‚ –C. G.

The Sounds and Smells of Spring

by Frederick Douglass Grimes, III

Seasons change;
thoughts rearrange.
Spring smiles come bursting through!

winter finally is laid to rest
until next year.
Oh happy day! Spring has sprung!

Old Man Winter
has taken a heartfelt hike.
Time to pull out the family bike!

Birdies are singing;
ice cream bells certainly are ringing!
These are the sounds of Spring!

Leaves are crunching;
everyone’s munching
tasty treats to make your mouth water…

The smell of funnel cakes
on trips to the neighborhood parks
folks will make.

These are the smells of Spring!
The air is filled
with a variety of aromas…

Everything from hot dogs coming from the neighborhood vender
to the bakery down the street
teasing you with the breathtaking smell of freshly baked goods!

Time to put up all of last winters gear,
and hopefully if the Winter didn’t help you gain a few pounds,
pull out the tank tops and shorts.

Some of us
might have to give Jenny a call,
but that’s ok

Because It sure feels good
to finally wake up
from the Winter’s slumber…

And smell the fresh air
and hear
the sounds of Spring!

Wishing all a blessed and most beautiful Spring season!
May God bless us all!

The Blind Poet, Freddy G.

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