The Work of Love

You make me laugh and cry like no one can
With smiles and tears to end and start anew.
Your love does free and bind with tender hand
And break down walls to build me up with truth.
*Unfettered now, I hold on tight to you.
You carry me away to bring me home,
And in the dark, you light the winding road.

A Chaucerian stanza for Frank’s prompt at
Personally I don’t like the sound of 7 lines. Six or 8 feel better. I originally wrote this in 6, without the starred line, then realized it wasn’t true to form. The poem turned out well, but this one simple stanza took a long time to write!

5 thoughts on “The Work of Love

  1. I hear you about the challenge of this form. I really was not happy at all with my post. Have contemplated taking it down….I am not a meter/accented beat/etc rope ’em in and constrain ’em (’em being words and thoughts) gal. This is done so well. I am in awe of folks who can do this and the form becomes invisible within the sense and meaning of the words. This is one I shall share with my husband, today being the day 4 years ago that he returned to me (us – my children, their children) from life-support after a 6 minute cardiac arrest. This was good to read today. Thankful for every day. “In the dark, he found the winding road” back to us. Thank you for your words. They are quite profound for me today.


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