Unspoken Trust

You asked me for a speech I couldn’t give,
For wisdom unprepared to help you live.
And logic can’t explain the reason why,
My feelings too inadequate to try.

I’m sure that if I spoke, you would have heard
And understood the message in each word.
But expectations weigh upon my mind,
And I have fallen short so many times.

A hungry, rabid monster presses close
To bite me where it hurts–and hurts the most.
She takes a juicy chunk of self-esteem,
And I am left unloved, unheard, unseen.

I hope that you will never ask again.
I try to save my ego from the pain.
But I know life and how the living goes;
We take on monsters face-to-face and grow!

And still I fear the day you’ll have me speak,
For even now I feel exposed and weak.
But take my raw emotions if you must,
And I will share in perfect love and trust.

NaPoWriMo day 23. Do you fear public speaking? Most people do. I don’t, but being asked to speak (or sing or do anything) when I feel unprepared–that is my worst nightmare!

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