Window Pains

The windows are wanting a dusting;
They can’t see a thing through the dirt.
And none but the birds are rejoicing.
Their view is a little bit hurt.

The windows are wanting a shower,
The grit and the grime piled high.
The birds who can’t see their reflections
Are keeping their gaze to the sky.

The windows are wanting a cleaning,
The curtains depressed in the gloom.
And carried on wings of the springtime,
The birds are suspecting their doom.

The windows are wanting their changes;
The birds, bless their buttons, confide:
“We don’t want our ending beginning
In windows that shimmer with pride!”

My attempt at anthropomorphism for Lillian’s prompt at
I’m not sure it hits the spot, but I’m proud of its poetics. 😮 Also a great one for NaPoWriMo day 4.

11 thoughts on “Window Pains

  1. You had me smiling with the title “Window Pains.” Oh yes indeed…..anthropomorphism definitely! I LOVE the behavioral attributes you gave to the windows….really a clever clever write. Clever clever rhyming too!
    And I’m thinking….although now that I look at others’ comment, no one else has picked up on it….the birds at the end of the poem, not wanting their ending beginning in clean shimmering windows….what it makes me think of is the very sad circumstance that has happened when we get our windows professionally cleaned here in our high-rise and inevitably, there is at least one bird who flies into the closed and clean window of my study and there is a thunk, and sadly the bird dies from the impact. So the clean window is the bird’s demise. That sure seems like what you’re saying here? So….hmmmm….using anthropomorphism again, it’s the window’s vanity that is the bird’s demise!
    GREAT take on the prompt! 🙂 LOVE it!


  2. A lot of window pains happen in my den. A lurking hawk is forever frightening small birds at my feeder such that they fly into my windows with a thud!


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