Eternal Wings

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Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. How this world works seems pretty crazy.
And looking out the view is kinda hazy.
We see a puzzle piece,
But the picture is complete.
With grace in place it’s nothing but amazing!

2. We take some knocks and do a lot of learning.
We make mistakes and watch the bridges burning.
We pull our lives apart,
But there’s wholeness in our hearts.
Forget regret and ride the tide that’s turning!

3. We breathe it in and realize we are growing,
The gentle voice inside us always knowing.
And every time we fall,
There’s an answer to our call.
We manifest the best when we keep going!
Refrain: (Twice)

One Spirit works in everything
To lift us up in love, and soar above the scene
On great eternal wings.
We have eternal wings!

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