Self Portrait

Red hair, blue eyes that sparkle in a contemplative face
With heart and hands of kindness, feet that walk a steady pace.
I’ve much to say but think enough of others to refrain;
A witty sense of wisdom and Reality that frames
My Self.

Written in response to Lillian’s beautiful prompt at

16 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Hmmm. 1) You sound beautiful. And 2) You’ve given me something to mull over.

    I feel stifled and caged when I have much to say and don’t, for others. In fact, I feel dead. No, I can’t get on board with this line of thinking. I wish everyone would just burst with what they’re feeling and thinking. This idea that restraint is better … well, it’s just not art. Not to me, anyway. Art and life and mouths and poems should be slobbery dripping infectious messes.

    But that’s just me. And I know I’m in the minority. I need it naked and covered in goo. And I won’t change that.

    I’m sorry to say that here. I’m really having an argument with the stars, the universe, my husband, and God. This isn’t really about or to you. But like I said, I’m an asshole.

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  2. Love th poem here and can just imagine you with your sparkly eyes! Love that bit of description.
    I take this quite a different way here than P.S. — for me, I understand you to be one who speaks but also knows the value of listening. And that my friend, is a valuable trait. In my MA course of study in Communications, I actually took a course in the Art of Listening. I really wondered about it at first – and there were some smirks from folks as in “did you just sit there for an hour and never talk?” But you know, it was extremely valuable. We learned different techniques of listening – the values to ourselves and others – the methods of framing what we said according to “reading” what we heard. Listening is incredibly different from “stuffing.” Your self portrait is quite eloquent!


  3. Now, that’s a bio! Didn’t figure on the red hair (even though I seem to have an affinity) but the soft blue eyes, the kind heart and hands, the confident restraint and wise wit are exactly the way I imagined. I like this, Crystal!


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