This last song of 2015 is a reminder that regardless of others’ opinions or what any divination tool “predicts,” your own answers come from the God Presence within you. There is One Presence, One Power, One Spirit that speaks through many voices! But the still, small voice within is the gentle, guiding Light of the soul.

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. To angels, saints and holy ones,
We tell the things we wish were done.
From psychics, readers, seers galore,
We ask for answers, help, and more.

Refrain 1:
We hold these tales in heart and mind,
When Truth is all we seek to find.
We look to small, conditioned things,
When God alone fulfillment brings.

2. We read the book and take the class,
But self-help never seems to last.
We go to therapy and spend
Our time and energy to mend.
Refrain 1:

3. We want our friends to keep us strong
And kids to pass our values on.
We think romance will fill our soul,
That home and job will make us whole.
Refrain 1:

4. O seek the God within your heart,
The You that’s real, the knowing part.
Let living water quench your thirst;
Let go of every fear and hurt.

Refrain 2:
Release these tales of heart and mind;
The truth you seek is here inside,
Beyond the small, conditioned things,
Where God alone fulfillment brings.


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