Code Word

***The following may be considered adult content.***

A bit of a tongue-in-cheek piece, not for the faint of heart! And no offense meant to Tantra practitioners – I simply acknowledge that mainstream society has latched onto the sexual aspect and left out the essence of Truth.

Spirituality is a code word,
A junk drawer,
A catch-all for any practice
That doesn’t fit into accepted religion.

I recognize this,
I acknowledge what’s going on,
But I don’t have to like it
Or subscribe to it.

“I’m spiritual” =
I don’t go to church,
But maybe I do or don’t use ritual, or Magick,
Even if I don’t call it religious.

“I want a spiritual partner” =
Hey, let’s have some free love and Tantra!
It’s “in” and it’s fun!
Never mind that Tantra is a religion!

Spirituality is a code word
For some,
Even for many,
But not for me!

The Spirit
And living within and through It,
Is Life itself!

Your decoder ring
Will arrive tomorrow.
But don’t wait up,
Because you won’t be needing it!