Timing Is Everything

Sometimes we want things badly. At the time we think we can’t live without them. Our days are filled with thoughts of, “If I had this, I would (feel, be, have) so much more.” And sometimes our nights are peppered with fulfilling dreams that, unfortunately it seems, we awaken from, only to realize they were just dreams.

The key to happiness and contentment is to let these things go! That’s right, let the thoughts flow through you, but don’t hold onto them. Enjoy the dreams, whether at night or daydreams in the mind, and let them pass through your imagination unhindered by feelings of want and lack attached to them. Because it is in the letting go, that we realize what we truly have.

Desire is real and natural. God puts desires in our hearts. However, God is infinite, and the personal, human mind is not. It cannot understand God’s thoughts, God’s timing, or God’s purpose for putting a desire in our hearts. So, it asks, “If God put this desire here, why is it still unfulfilled?”

In truth, the desire, if it is God-given and not something the personal ego has decided it needs, is already being fulfilled through you. But how do you know if it is God-given? Meditation is the way to clear the mind, turn over the personal ego (limited human mind), and become aware of which desires are God’s Will in your life. If you make contact with the God-Presence within during meditation, then still desire something, it could be God’s Will for you.

Yet, we don’t make things happen by ourselves. God does, and in His own time, no less! Our time on earth is measured in days, weeks, months, years, decades – and we feel we need to force things into these periods or time slots.

The personal ego measures life in this linear time. God’s time is infinite, eternity, one moment, ever present! Contemplate this in meditation, and see how the personal ego cannot grasp Infinity even when it tries!

Those things you want? You already have them! Maybe they are not manifest, i.e. formed in your physical experience yet. But in the Mind of God, they are expressed perfectly. And in perfect timing, His Will unfolds into form.

Sometimes we have glimpses of God’s Will and desires for us. The closer we are to God’s Presence within, the more aware we become. Before our desires manifest, we may have to pass through situations, circumstances, and relationships. This is an evolutionary process – the evolution of consciousness, of awareness, and of our minds and souls in this lifetime. It is a means to get us ready for our desires, making us aware of skills, tools, and simply equipping us, in consciousness, to fulfill God’s purpose. And the more we turn over the personal ego and its will to God’s Presence and Will, the more we experience oneness with God-within.

It’s important to use our time on earth wisely. This includes not letting clocks and time-keeping devices dictate how we feel and experience life! The biggest thing we can do to help ourselves, is contact and stay in touch with God’s eternal Presence and Mind. In this eternal moment, peace and clarity fill our awareness. The result is that we do spend our time more wisely as we know and channel the Presence of God into our lives.

On a personal note, I’ve seen this at work. If you’ve checked out
Sunday Songtime,
you’ve heard the guitar. I received a guitar for my 16th birthday, learned 3 chords and wrote
Music Tells the Story,
and just couldn’t go any further. I knew what to do. I knew the notes, I knew the chords, I’d played other instruments with no trouble at all. But the guitar was beyond me, and I didn’t even know why.

I’ll spare you the years of anger, frustration, sadness, and feelings of failure! Several years later I picked up a ukulele, I told people, “Because I can’t play guitar!” It became one of my favorite instruments and still is. As I enjoyed the uke, the resentment and failure lessened. I had fun; I let the uke show me what I really could play and compose. And I felt good about the experiences.

Fast forward! Fourteen years later (count ’em, 14!) here I am playing guitar! Do I play as proficiently as I play ukulele? No, but I don’t expect to. DO I enjoy it? Yes, because I know that joy is an expression of Love, and that Love is God.

It doesn’t matter how long this took. But my guitar is named Tempo as a reminder that while timing may be everything, true time is God’s and is one eternal moment! When we let go and let God, we can experience eternity and the Kingdom of Heaven, now.

Because in eternity there is no separation.