Thank God

Instrument: Eventide – Mainland Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. We give thanks for all the things we are and have and do.
Yet when we have nothing, we can still give thanks in Truth,
‘Cause we are Life and Love, and our existance is just proof.

2. If a Force created us, It must have had a plan.
If it were destruction, then why are we still at hand?
It’s God creating lovingly each woman, child and man.

3. We are here by God’s design, expressing all He is.
Who we are is really part of one eternal bliss.
Minds and bodies change and grow, but souls live on in Him.
Refrain: (Twice)

Everything we are, we are,
Because of who God is.
Everything we have, we have,
Because He is the gift.
Everything we do, we do,
Because He is our breath.
And so we give our thanks to God,
Who in us loves and dwells.