Feet Sure Program

aka Bless’d Feet

They stand for us through every day;
We take but little heed–
Unless they hurt, and then we moan,
Because they are in need!

They keep us upright, grounded firm,
Supporting all we do.
It’s time we gave some credit back,
Where it is truly due.

The God of all created them
That we may feel the earth
And know a strong connection to
This planet of our birth.

They root and keep us stabelized,
The bones in harmony.
In gratitude we realize
The blessing of our feet!

And may we now take care of them,
Each muscle, bone and toe!
For in their strength we see the God
Who guides us as we go.

They stand each day in harmony
And keep the body firm.
For wondrous feet we give You thanks
And praise You as we learn!