(Your Name is) Lyric

Out of the ground Yahweh God formed every animal of the field, and every bird of the sky, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them. Whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name.
–Genesis 2:19 )WEB)

For this reason we name our children and pets. When we create or invent something, we give it a name or a title. And some of us name certain possessions. Cars, ships and boats, and musical instruments are some things we specifically name.

It’s an interesting phenomenon. Naming an object personifies it, giving it human traits. It may also imply a relationship, ownership, an understanding of that thing, and usually a liking for it.

It’s good to name things. And whatever we name them, that’s what they’re called (see above). However, it’s important to remember that naming is a human activity. God creates, but does not name. In God-Mind there’s no need. All creations are already one with The Creator. So, creations and their names are extensions of God and His/Its names–which once again, are given by people.

What would happen if we consciously, deliberately named things?

What if names express the spirit, more than a physical characteristic.

In the Spirit of God-Presence being expressed through us, this song is a blessing upon everything ever named, and on your individual name.

Why lyric?

Lyric – Words aka Lyrics 😮

Instrument: Lyric – Mainland red cedar tenor ukulele

1. Your name is lyric,
Light and sweet
With True emotion,
Feelings deep.
Your name is lyric,
Word of Life
That touches body,
Soul and mind.

2. Your name is lyric,
Strong and Pure,
Flowing answers
Your name is lyric,
Loved and blessed
As Words from Spirit
Are expressed.

3. Your name is lyric!
Live it well,
And may the Truth
Be what you tell.
Your name is lyric,
Light and sweet,
The soul’s reflection
Real and Deep.

You’re God’s reflection,
Perfect, indeed!
Bless’d be!

Download Mp3

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Lyric – Naming Song Mp3

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