Music Tells the Story

Another song written over 10 years ago that expresses more truth than I realized at the time. Listen to the songs on the radio today. And think back to songs you heard and/or enjoyed as a child or teenager. What do they all have in common? They tell the story of society’s values–or lack thereof–and paint a general picture of human consciousness.

For example, think about what, if anything, today’s songs say about the following:

Love relationships?




Birth, life, and death?

Relaxation–or not!

When songs speak of these things, it’s usually in a negative way:

I lost my love and now he/she has to pay.

I’m broke. (The end i.e. therefore I am nothing)

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. But I can’t do anything about it so I’ll just complain…

I’m stressed, so I’ll escape into something else (drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, even reading or watching movies. Oh, and coffee, anyone?)

Birth: Kids are expensive, another mouth to feed. And for women especially, pain, sacrifice, and a perceived loss of identity.

Life: What’s the point? I’m lost. Don’t know where to go but I want to return to where I’ve been. Living in the past, “The good ol’ days…” I.e. we don’t live in the present moment, even in our music!

Death: I want to die–in one breath. This world is not my home–but not said in a positive way. And yet, where will I go after death? And what about all my stuff?

Relax? Me? But what will I do then?

In short, songs are just as focused on negativity as, well, everything else we produce! And why is that? Because above all, we have a negative state of mind, heart, being, and personal identity.

Listen to even a few popular songs, and you’ll probably discover the same thing.

And so: I charge myself and fellow songwriters to picture something better: a spiritually whole, mentally sound, emotionally strong, and physically healthy person, and to hold this vision for every person. Holding this vision is why I’m a spiritually-oriented songwriter, and for this I give thanks!

And for everyone who listens to music, as most of us do, please, listen consciously! And start choosing music that lifts you up, instead of validating negativity.

Music Tells the Story – Lyrics

Instruments: Acoustic guitar, keyboard, soprano recorder.

1. In today’s society
Of fun, things and propriety,
The music tells a lot, you know,
Of when we come and where we go.
For all time, through many things,
The music tells the way it is.

2. In the 1920’s, too,
The people questioned what was true.
The music told of fun and dress,
Of things found out, and questions asked.
For all time, through many things,
The music tells the way it is.

3. Back when the whites owned the blacks
And stood whipping their tired backs,
The slave songs told of God’s great Peace,
For they knew they would leave this place.
For all time, through many things,
The music tells the way it is.

Repeat 1.

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