Wedding Prayer – More than Ceremony

Contrary to its title, this isn’t a wedding song. 😀 Or it isn’t just a wedding song. It’s for anyone in a loving, intimate, romantic relationship. And should you happen to extend that to a wedding or union ceremony, this song would fit in. But ceremony itself does not create love! It must already exist and be acknowledged within, and between people. No imitation or appearance alone will do. It is with true love in mind that I share this song.

Wedding Prayer – Lyrics

Instrument: Luna HTC-Koa ukulele (concert, reentrant)

1. Oh as I focus on you now,
May I make no earthly vow
That keeps your spirit at bay.
And as I dwell within your life,
May I be a shining light
That stands behind
In peace of mind
To let you go your way.

2. So as I see the good in you,
May I to us both be true
And know we’re already one.
And as I live the best I can,
May God guide my heart and hands.
I lift them up
To bless this cup
And pray, “Thy will be done.”
Refrain: (Twice)

When I say, “I love you,”
May it warm the heart of you.

When I take your hand,
May it be a gentle touch.
And when I say your name,
May a little be so much.
When I kiss you or embrace you,
May I wrap you in the Truth.
And when I say, “I love you,”
May it warm the heart of you.

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