Four Steps to Defragment Your Life

Self-help books, motivational speakers, psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, even ministers and religious organizations all offer ways to defragment your life. I.e. to create and maintain a sense of integration, continuity and flow within your personal life. All these paths are valid in their own way. However, to truly defragment and create the awareness of yourself as a whole, complete being, there are some steps you can take, in your own mind and consciousness, with or without outer support.

1. Acknowledge the Presence.

Whether you call it God, Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness or something else, acknowledge that there is a universal, all-knowing Presence that exists everywhere.

2. Unite with the Presence.

Give yourself Truth statements (affirmations) of that Presence. Then, move on, because if that Presence is everywhere, then it is within you. You are a spiritual being. Everything else revolves around this Truth, including everything in your physical life. Recognize this and stay with this in meditation or other contemplation, until you feel it as a sense of Truth in your own way.

3. Realize the Presence.

By now you’ve united with the Presence in your mind. Perhaps intellectually and mentally, or maybe on a deeper level. It is at this deeper, subconscious level, that realization takes place. Here, your personal identity, including that life you want to defragment and integrate, falls away. Realization means the Presence IS your very life, and the only life you have, have had, and will ever have. In short, it is all that matters.

4. Flow with the Presence.

From this point on, any changes you want to make, can be made at the root. You’ve already established oneness with the Universal spiritual Presence within yourself. This is the key to any and all changes.

Why is oneness so important? It is not some pie-in-the-sky notion that cannot be reached by the average human being. It is a state of being, where as a spiritual creation, your Higher, God-like Inner Nature is allowed to flow forth through your mental, emotional and physical existence, as well as through all levels of your mind. You were born in oneness, and this is simply, but no less profoundly, a return home, to wholeness.

Let the Presence color your picture. Let it create the reality you experience. Let it give you thoughts, rather than trying to direct it. Know within yourself, beyond thought and words, that this Spirit knows what you need. For it would not have created you otherwise; you are not an accident, but a deliberate, conscious, integral Child of that Spirit!

Without this realization, change is not lasting. Change made purely on the physical level, for instance, may feel like a chore, create emptiness, etc. The same is true for mental and emotional changes. If they are not made in accord with the Presence within you, they cannot last.

Oneness is the reason this is so. You were created in God’s image, in a complete, whole, universal image. This is hard to grasp intellectually, which is why you’ve spent so much time reminding yourself of your spiritual roots.

However, when the human mind, with its limited personal ego, is given up to Higher Consciousness, it is reflected in our outer lives.

So, am I saying don’t resolve to change anything in your life? No. But I’m offering the idea, not a new idea either, to make changes on the level where it counts.

That level is the spiritual one, the foundation of all life on this or any planet. It’s different from religion, psychology, self-help and other personal development systems. Here, you connect in your own awareness, with the very Presence and Source that created you.

The other option, as we well know, is the personal ego, separated mind. We all know where that leads, when allowed to create things on its own: It is the reason we feel we need to make changes in the first place!

Acknowledge the Spirit within you. Make it your support, your reality. And turn to it for guidance in making changes, seeking outer support, and maintaining integration throughout your life.

The closer your relationship is with this ever-present inner Presence, the easier and less threatening change becomes. The more authentic it is. And the longer it lasts.

No personal ego can defragment like that!

For support in your own defragment and integration, see Metaphysical Treatment Services.

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