Recipe for a Good Marriage

Mr. and Mrs. G. with Rev. Crystal

To Mr. and Mrs. G.
With my heart-felt thanks
For the honor of officiating your wedding
And for helping me heal.

In order to have a good, fulfilling marriage on all levels, it must first be fulfilling on a spiritual level. This is why I answered the call to Metaphysical ministry–to live the example of inner fulfillment, to demonstrate it through a successful life, and to support others as they look within to manifest their own success.

I focus on marriage here, because it’s been on my mind a lot lately. However, these points apply to any intimate relationship. I left my own marriage with a bitter taste. I knew that wouldn’t serve me, or anyone else. And by the Presence and Power of God, I’m moving beyond those issues to the Love I know as Truth.

It’s been my experience that when we truly desire something, the Universe moves all things to provide it! So it was with choosing love over bitterness for me. In ministerial lessons we studied the role of marriage in Metaphysics, and just today, I officiated my first wedding ceremony.

Throughout these things I’ve asked myself, that is my Highest Self, what is a good marriage? Even within individual couples, expectations vary widely. People want emotional support. Some want their partners to read their minds–which rarely works on mental power alone! And everyone has some physical expectation. This is all perfectly natural, but what’s really going on here? With the Truth so hidden by society, it’s a wonder to me that any marriages survive at all!

The question is, as ever: Where does fulfillment, love, or success come from? What creates the relationship, or marriage we want?

If the marriage is to be a true success, the Creator must be God-Mind, Universal Consciousness, the Spirit within each of us, expressing itself through this relationship.

Christ said, “Seek first the kingdom of God,” which we know to be within us already. Because, “All these things will be added to you.” All what things? Mental communication, emotional support, and unconditional love and acceptance–even when we disagree, just to name a few.

I don’t know what your good marriage looks like. I don’t know what the marriage of these newly weds will look like. But I wish each and every one blessings! I do believe there are some clues. If we have these, then we will have a successful marriage.

Attributes and Affirmations for a Good Marriage

* Positive feelings – I affirm you in thought, word and action.

* Understanding – I may not understand your behavior, but I do understand that you are following a divine path that is as valid as my own.

* Deep feelings – The roots of my feelings for you are planted firmly in rich spiritual soil.

Christ told the parable of a man who built his house on the sand, and one who built on a rock. The storm came, the floods raged. And CRASH! The house on the sand fell, providing no shelter from the storm. But the house on the rock withstood the weather, providing shelter, warmth and safety.

The feelings we have for each other must have roots. Where? Not in the physical realm, not mental roots where we think about how much we like this or that about our partners. Not emotional roots where we praise our partners for how they make us feel. But spiritual roots. We must know that between us and within us is the oneness that is nothing less than God-Presence.

* Mental communication – I open my mind to God-Mind, and it expresses through me in our communications together.

When we recognize the spiritual roots of our relationships, then we receive mental communication. It is not by our own power, but by God’s, working through each of us.

* Spiritual communication – The God in me communes with the God in you.

Beyond thought and feeling, is Spirit. It is the core of your being, and the core of your partner’s being. Aware of this, we deepen our connection and strengthen our roots.

* Tenderness – I know the tenderness of God and extend it to you.

I think this one is Self-explanatory. Let your God-Self show you tenderness, and you will know and experience it between you.

* Love – I let the Life of God love through me, and we experience Universal Love together.

Saving the best for last! This is a deep love, more profound than any words or actions can express. This is God-Love, and God itself. Love is the Law’s fulfilling, and the greatest commandment. The good news is, we do not love by ourselves! We let God love through us, and extend that love to our partners.

A good marriage has a foundation of these spiritual attributes. They are not just pie-in-the-sky, nice things to say at a wedding ceremony. They are principles, Truth we can live by, when we let our relationship with God-Within guide our relationships with others.

Namaste, and may we each let it be so!

And so it is!

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