What is ZPoint?: Part 2

ZPoint is relaxing, meditative, authentic and manifesting. What is ZPoint? Part 1 explains these points. But ZPoint is even more than that.

5. ZPoint is non-judgmental.

In ZPoint we learn not to judge our thoughts and feelings. We learn not to see things as good or bad, but just to observe them. If we don’t like how they
are, we have the chance to clear and change them. But initially we let go of all judgements about our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and circumstances. This
is very freeing.

6. ZPoint is allowing.

ZPoint is all about allowing. We learn to allow our desires into our lives. ZPoint will never bring us harm or negativity. And it won’t take anything away
that we need. It always works in our best interest. However, in order to see results, we need to allow ZPoint to work for us.

Even though ZPoint works subconsciously, we can still resist it. Our only job is to repeat the cue word and to allow the process to work. Maybe this is
why Grant Connolly suggests “yes” as a cue word. This way we say yes to the process and allow it to work for us.

7. ZPoint means letting go.

ZPoint helps us let go of and clear away the things that don’t feel good in our lives. In clearing and releasing negative feelings, we also release all
thoughts, beliefs, emotions, assumptions, memories, attitudes, etc. that are attached to them.

We keep our memories, but they no longer have a negative effect on how we see ourselves and our lives. By letting go, we allow ourselves to experience life
as good – very good.

ZPoint is very simple. It’s so simple that some people find it boring or too good to be true. However, ZPoint works for everyone who is willing to try it
and who persists in believing they can have something better than what they’re feeling now.

For more information from Grant Connolly, the creator of ZPoint, please visit ZPoint for Peace at

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