What is ZPoint?: Part 1

ZPoint is not a brand new process. However, it may be unfamiliar to many. This article will briefly explain what ZPoint is.

1. ZPoint is self-awareness.

ZPoint means becoming self-aware. To practice ZPoint, we need to be aware of how we really feel about things. We don’t need to become aware of that truth
on our own. The process brings out our true feelings. ZPoint promotes authentic self-awareness.

2. ZPoint is meditation.

ZPoint is a meditative process. It’s been said that prayer is talking; meditation is listening. Assuming that’s true, ZPoint puts us into a receptive and
meditative state.

This is not a hypnotic state. We stay awake and aware throughout ZPoint, unless we fall asleep. But it is a meditative, listening way of being. We simply
observe what’s going on within and around us.

This is meditation at its finest. It can take years of practicing traditional meditation techniques to achieve this observant state. But with ZPoint it’s
possible in a matter of minutes.

3. ZPoint is manifestation.

ZPoint helps us let our desires take shape in our world. Manifestation means making the invisible or imagined, visible. ZPoint involves manifestation because
it brings positive things into our lives.

When we learn ZPoint, we use the healing program. This is just a series of statements that tell our subconscious mind how to respond to ZPoint. In this
program, we tell the subconscious mind to “affect the highest possible outcome by this clearing.” This means ZPoint will manifest only the best for us.

4. ZPoint is relaxing.

ZPoint is a wonderful way to relax. It naturally slows down the mind, releases stress, and increases feelings of well-being. When we feel good, we’re relaxed.
And when we’re relaxed, we feel good. ZPoint is a simple and effective way to truly relax.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article! Meanwhile, please visit Grant Connolly’s ZPoint for Peace website at

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