“Seed of a Dream” Sue Vincent Tribute #Music

Download “Seed of a Dream” Mp3

What can I say about Sue Vincent? My words will fall short, no matter
how well meant. Still I will pay tribute to her life and legacy.

I only knew Sue from her blog,
Sue Vincent’s Daily echo,
particularly her #Writephoto posts and humorous “small dog” poems from
Annie’s point of view. I also very much enjoyed her posts on
The Silent Eye,
where she directed, taught, ran workshops, and mentored students in
their Mystery School.

Even throughout her illness and hospitalization, Sue continued to
share beautiful poetry, including her lovely #MidnightHaiku series
which has been published in book form. She never failed to inspire and
support her fellow bloggers, whether or not she had met them in
person. I am one of those bloggers. Her prompts provided the
inspiration for me to begin writing songs again, after a long hiatus.
In fact, “Seed of a Dream” is a piece I wrote in response to one of
her #Writephoto prompts last year. I’m sharing it today, played on
double strung harp and Coda EDC Flute, in loving memory of Sue

I invite anyone who would like, to share your favorite memories of
Sue, how she helped or inspired you, and anything else you choose to
share. I also hope this piece brings you comfort and peace in this
time of grieving.

If you haven’t done so already, please visit Stuart France’s post
sharing excerpts from Sue’s funeral service:
A Life Well Lived.

Blessings to all of you!

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