Haleakala #Haibun #Poem

Before the rain they went outside–not to a mountain peak or to watch the tumbleweed blow, but to the fish ‘n chips shop on the tropical islands overseas. They didn’t see a supernova, but he says he saw mermaids. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say that! ❤

Life on the ship was always moving, especially with a broom or brush in their hands, scraping all the grime and dust bunnies from a ship that, to the seamen on board, continued in service long after its time had passed.

Great volcano in the dark
Talking to the sky

A Haibun about my husband, Frederick Douglass Grimes, III, who served on the USS Haleakala (AE-25), a U.S. Naval amunission ship in service from 1959-1993.

Written for Linda Kruschke's
Haibun Paint Chip Poetry Prompt.

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