Writing in Spite of Life 3TC

Poetry and songs are what I love to write! They elevate my spirit and my mood, and, I hope, others’ as well. At times I am amazed by the monthly crop of poems I get to grow and share!

The pattern of songs is not nearly as consistent as it once was. If I think about this too much, it annoys and deeply irritates me, makes me cry, or sends me into hysterics. I wrote an original song every week for three years straight, then tapered off to two songs every month. I didn’t write any for almost 18 months, but for part of that time, I was moving, had no instruments, and was planning our wedding.

Then, the transition of marriage was very difficult for me–in truth it still is–and I have trouble just finding the time, the space, and above all, the quiet and solitude for composing. But songwriting is still a drive of mine, and without it, everything and everyone pushes my buttons!

I do manage to arrange other pieces, and this is a different musical blessing. I can learn a new vamp and just enjoy playing like a busker, though I’m inside, and no one is listening until I’ve recorded something.

Recording is yet another thing, as every thump, every movement of the upstairs and downstairs neighbors, every siren and street sound is caught and preserved for eternity, even when I think it’s quiet!

Once several years ago, I took my ukulele outside and sat in my mom’s car just to record in a quieter environment. But it’s what I do!

Sometimes I just want to pack up my instruments, leave the unknowing pests behind, and hunt for a peaceful place in the woods, where only the sounds of nature will accompany me!

But it’s Friday, and it’s a good Friday! For with every swipe through my blog reader, I’m given a laugh, a prompt, or a new idea! Maybe one day soon, some of those ideas will become songs!

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