A Way Around the WordPress Block Editor

I hope this post will help my blogging friends who are visually impaired or totally blind, and anyone else having issues with the new WordPress block editor.

This is the first day the block editor appeared automatically when I clicked on “Add New Post,” and I was leary to say the least. However, I found a way to navigate it. As far as I’m aware, my posts appear as they should. If you can see and they look strange to you, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do to fix them!

In any case, here’s what to do.

1. Click on “Write.”

Do not click on “Add New Post,” because at least for me, using an old browser and free screen-reader, “Add New Post” took me to a page where no editing was possible at all.

2. Scroll down past the “Title” field until you find the “Options” button. Click this “Options” button.

3. This opens a section where you will find two buttons, among others. One is labeled “Visual Editor,” and the other is labeled “Code Editor.” Click the “Code Editor” button.

4. An edit field appears where you can type content. If you use a screen-reader, you’ll probably hear the message, “Type text or HTML.”

Type your post content in this field.

5. If you haven’t added a post title yet, navigate back to the “Title” edit field, and do this now.

6. If you want to keep using the Code Editor, you only need to do steps 2 and 3 the first time. When you click “Write” from now on to add a new post, the Code Editor will open automatically.

7. Below your post content, click the “Post” button. This let’s the Block Editor know you’re adding a post, rather than just a block. I’m not sure if this is strictly necessary, but it’s what I did, and it worked for me. Note: This does not publish your post.

8. As you keep scrolling down, you’ll find several post settings. If you don’t need to change any of these, such as the post format, leave them at their default settings.

9. To add post categories and/or tags, press the appropriate button, and a section will open that contains your list of categories or tags respectively. There are checkboxes to add the ones you choose to your post.

10. Scrolling down, you’ll find buttons you can press to add a featured image, an excerpt, and discussion settings. I leave these alone, but if you need them, this is where you change those settings for your post.

11. Below these buttons, click on the button labeled “Open Publish Panel.”

12. To find the actual “Publish” button, you’ll need to scroll upward through the newly opened panel. Scrolling up, you’ll find the “Cancel” button first, with the “Publish” button above it.

This sounds complicated, but it does work, especially if you write your post in another application and just paste the content into the WordPress editor. I do this anyway so I have backup copies.

I hope this helps! I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have about these instructions! They should be pretty complete, as I tested the editor while writing them.

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