Cinderella’s Slippers: The True Story 3TC

Cinderella fell into the lowest income bracket. That’s pretty much common knowledge. What you haven’t heard is how she really ended up there. It’s simple. As so often happens, she ran out of quarters to feed the washer and dryer in the basement. She also lacked cash, cash back, checks, balances, debit, credit, home equity, friends, family members, and fairy godmothers. And it came to pass that the neighbor’s dog got loose yet again. While Cinderella had to admire his ingenuity, she didn’t appreciate having to lasso him to get her fuzzy bunny bedroom slippers back. Eventually she returned, victorious with slippers in hand. But let’s just say they were not fit to wear, even if no one else would see them. So she filled the kitchen sink with hot, soapy water and a cup of fabric softener borrowed from a sympathetic neighbor. All went well until she started drying the slippers with her hairdryer. The blasted thing had a short circuit and blew a fuse, which is the same thing Cinderella, the dog, and all the neighbors did when the hairdryer torched the fuzzy bunny bedroom slippers to bits and set off the fire alarm. The next day the poor dog scratched at her door. He gazed at Cinderella with sad eyes and dropped something at her feet. She picked up the paper and unfolded it. It was an eviction notice.

Written for the three things challenge at

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