The Work of Marriage #Poem

Being married is work
with related hazards.

It may seem good at first,
until the tax time comes.

Then the cost could be high,
so high it could include
your own identity.

If it does, don’t pay it!
It’s too bad; not too late.
You can still keep living,
but in a different way.

Be married, do the work.
Pay your dues, but leave some
for yourself, your spirit,
your feelings, emotions,
mental stimulation,
desires, interests, needs.

Keep your friends, family,
activities, hobbies,
social groups, connections.
Do what you used to love,
because losing yourself
“in love” is not love.

Don’t give up everything:
Complete self-sacrifice
is not a noble cause!
Martyrdom is not yours;
victimhood is not you.

Be married. be happy!
But most of all, be you!

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