Cradled in Your Heart

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For Aaron.

Advent 2017 week 2.

1. I heard a baby’s laughter as a child;
I wondered why it made my heart so light.
But as I grew I came to realize,
A baby is an angel come to life.

2. I had a little baby of my own,
So humbled by the miracle of birth.
But he was more than just my precious son,
An angel sent to teach me love on earth.

3. Another living, tender baby boy
Who came to us so many years ago
Still fills our open hearts with peace and joy;
He warms this world that suffers in the cold.

OOO keep our Savior cradled in your heart (2x).

That little ray of hope and faith,
Of purity and love,
The joy that nothing can replace,
A blessing from above.
No matter what the future holds,
The present is the start,
So keep this baby cradled in your heart.


Sunshine on the Snow

Advent: Purity Consciousness

All Because of Love


The Star of Christ in You

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