The Easter Egg Hunt

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I wrote a Christ-centered Easter song, of course. You’ll hear that tomorrow! But when I mentioned Easter songs, someone asked if it was about a chocolate egg. It wasn’t, at that point, but I couldn’t resist. This is a cautionary tale… May your Easter egg hunt be a happy one!

1. This is the tale of an Easter egg hunt
That did not end very well.
Tommy and Tina were looking for eggs
And had a sad story to tell.
They tried and they tried, but they could not find
An egg that hid in the grass.
And later that year it was perfectly clear,
The time for that egg had passed.

2. This is the tale of an Easter egg hunt.
Oh yes, there’s more to share.
Some of those eggs, they had chocolate inside,
So sweet and rich and rare.
Tommy and Tina, they found all the eggs.
And oh the joy they felt!
Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate eggs!
And then they started to melt.

3. This is the tale of an Easter egg hunt,
And if you really must ask it,
The moral is sure. It’s so simple and pure:
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Aareen, The Woven Easter Egg

Easter Poem

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