Choice Is Voice

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Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

How we spend our money,
Actions, words, and time,
There’s an awful lot of spending
That goes on in this life!
How we spend our energy,
Feelings, and thoughts,
The product ought to fit the price
Of what we spent in cost!

1. We don’t have to be broke
Or wonder which way’s up
Or try to drink from that half empty,
Cracked financial cup.
It’s gonna take some time,
But starting is a choice.
We know where our money goes,
And we still have a voice!

2. It becomes a habit,
What we say and do,
How we treat each other
And our fellow beings too.
It takes a conscious mind
To choose a better way.
Let’s speak for the Light in us
With every choice we make!

3. We criticize in judgment,
But so much is not true.
And we feel sad and tired
Like our energy is through.
But every day is new.
Remember why we’re here:
To live in Love and freedom
With the Spirit bright and clear!

We make the product fit the price
Of what we spent in cost!


How You Play the Game


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