Junk Mail

I got mail today
and it was junk.

One from an insurance agency
that has no idea what it would be like
to “insure” me anything! 😀

The other was a credit card offer…
“You’re pre-approved!” it proclaimed
in huge letters,
not knowing the slightest thing
about whom it was proclaiming… me! 😀

I got mail today
and it was junk,
double junk even.
It wasn’t bills,
requests for money,
sweepstakes offers,
or loud advertisements.

It was junk
and required no action.

Now if that isn’t something to celebrate,
one of those tiny miracles we too rarely acknowledge,
Then I don’t know what is!

Come on, join me!
Celebrate your junk mail today
and be happy!

If by chance
you didn’t get any snail mail today,
not one single slip of paper,
well, isn’t that a good thing, too?

So celebrate that!

Written for Walt’s celebration prompt at

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