Celebrating Dr. Paul Leon Masters

The voice of inspiration is expressed strongly through some people. It may not be loud – well, maybe occasionally – but Truth makes ready souls with ears to hear, sit up and pay attention.

For more than half a century, Dr. Masters was conscious, aware, and connected enough to share this divine, inspired voice with his students and the public alike. As Founder of International Metaphysical Ministry and its University System, Dr. Masters blazed the trail for mystics and Metaphysicians all over the world. Some of us practice traditionally, as ministers with church buildings and congregations. Others, like myself, practice less traditionally, have no physical church and instead let inspiration flow from the church-within, through music, art, writing, athletics, television acting, and a myriad of other careers, hobbies, and vocations. No matter the shape of our practice, cultural background, religious beliefs, or other personal attributes, Dr. Masters paved the way and founded the organization that would grant us ordination and degrees, in short, so that we are recognized and respected for our accumulated knowledge, research, works, and ministries.

The International Metaphysical Ministry, University of Metaphysics, and University of Sedona carry on, as Dr. Masters desired, and continue his inspired legacy of Metaphysical teachings. We may take time to mourn his physical passing. But let us take more time to thank the God-Presence, Infinite and Eternal, that inspires and expresses in each of us. May each of us who feel a calling, answer it with as much dedication, commitment, and God-centered Love as Dr. Masters did throughout his lifetime!

Blessings and gratitude to the staff, graduates, students, and all who resonate with Metaphysical ministry in all its forms! Thank you for your service and continued commitment to the Ministry Dr. Masters brought us, that it may serve its purpose and be a positive influence in many more lives! And that each student and graduate, past, present, and potential, may carry the Light of Truth in his or her heart and practice by the Grace of God and indwelling of Christ Consciousness and the Holy Spirit – Holy Breath – that animates every soul!

And so it is!