And so it is!

I think a thought,
And so it is!
I may not see it now.
But at some time
The God of Mind
Will bring it back around.

So with each thought,
Which is a prayer,
I let God reign in me:
Thought manifests
To take or bless;
Which do I choose to see?

I think a thought
And may it be
From Higher Consciousness!
And when it’s mine
To have in time,
The good will manifest!
–And so it is!

Blessings and Giggles

The giggles don’t really go anywhere, because their energy is always there. But we choose, each moment, how we perceive and express that energy. As a smile or as a frown? As laughter or bitterness? We don’t like to admit our responsibility in this, but in truth it is ours. When we take it and use it to serve God, the choice is an honor.

Thank you, Morgan, for this reminder!


Blessings and Giggles

Blessings and Giggles?

Yes, why not? After all, God invented Laughter, so why not share our giggles and smiles with the world? It could be easy, I suppose, to sit long faced, moping, sullen, brooding, cantankerous, but what purpose does it serve? One only ends up vexing everyone , including oneself!

As Children we smile and giggle throughout the day. We laugh, we play, we make up rhymes ( and some of us never stop doing that!), we create words, (or that!) we reach out to others with open hearts and smiling spirits. So what happens to change that and when? Metaphysics may not be my PhD, it may not be my cup of tea (yep, there I go rhyming again), but where do the giggles go? What brings reality crashing down upon us to make laughter stale and smiles sour?

I cannot tell you, but for every frown, there…

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I wrote this song in early 2011, while exploring Goddess-centered spirituality. I share it here in honor of International Women’s Day – but more than this, honoring all people and our Great Creator! It’s time we see our gender as a blessing and not a difference, curse, crutch, or hindrance! This applies to our personal gender and everyone else’s. May we truly know, and thus experience, that we are indeed all One, regardless of physical form!

Woman – Lyrics

Instrument: soprano Flea ukulele

Note: This was recorded outside, so I apologize for the background noise. And this is not my usual ukulele tuning – this is reentrant/high G, and I usually play linear/low G. 🙂

1. Woman so soft
Woman so sweet
Woman so gentle
Woman so strong
Woman of love
Woman of peace
Woman complete
Sing your beautiful song!

2. Woman of earth
Woman of air
Woman of water
Woman of fire
Woman of birth
Woman of life
Woman of laughter
Now express your desire!

3. Woman in body
Woman in mind
Woman in spirit
Open your eyes!
Know who you are
Claim who you’ve been
For you will be
All that you can let in!

Repeat 1.

Sing your beautiful song! (3x total)

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Mother Nature Sings.


This song was written for a child’s welcoming ceremony. In other traditions and religions, this would be a baptism, christening, baby naming, Wiccaning, etc. It acknowledges the child’s God-purpose and the parents’ and others’ support of that purpose–whatever it may be.

We are all someone’s child, and children of God; so Miracle is for everyone!

And to Aaron, happy birthday! May God continue to bless you, and others through you!

Miracle – Lyrics

Instrument: Lanikai LU21C concert ukulele (Aaron’s uke)

1. You are a miracle
Of laughter and love.
You are a miracle
Of Spirit above.
You have a purpose and a path,
And we affirm our openness to that.

2. You are a miracle,
A precious gift of God.
You are a miracle
That we are blessed to love.
You are one body, mind and soul,
And we affirm together we will grow.

3. You are a miracle
Of possibility.
You are a miracle;
Be the change you want to see.
We travel beside you, but the path is yours alone.
We watch you and learn from you, the greatness of The One.

4. ‘Cause we are miracles
Of laughter and love.
We are all miracles
Of One Spirit above.
We have a purpose and a path,
And we affirm our gratitude for that

‘Cause we are miracles