Heart-image – New Thought Song

Companion song to The Heart of the Matter. I’m thankful for expressions of Truth, in all their forms that come through me!

Heart-image Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

S: = spoken

You have a heart, don’t you?
Just look inside, won’t you?
And let yourself see the truth.
Is there a dark shadow,
Or a cave, a grotto?
If you want to, you can choose something new!

S: And why would I want to do that?
1. Because the image that you hold
Is what will unfold in your life.
And any error in heart –
It pulls you apart,
Leaving strife when life could be nice!

S: But what could I choose?
2. The greatest image of you –
The Spirit of Truth, is divine.
But mental thinking alone
Can’t bring you back home –
That’s inside, don’t hide, ’cause it’s yours and theirs and mine!

S: And how do I choose it?
3. This metaphysical stuff –
It isn’t a bluff or a dare.
While living this life you know,
You can make it your own
And be aware, you care, living “God is everywhere”:
That means in you!

If you want to, you can choose something new!

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