MOTHER #Acrostic #Poem #Song

Master of invention, mysticism revealed
Optimistic alchemist, otherworldly being
Telling stories, teaching life
Healing everything from scratches, to teddy bears, to hearts
Essence of Love, expanding Awareness
Restoring herself to renew others.

Every Mother’s Tears

Original Song

Open Causeway #Writephoto #Song

Download Mp3, Open Causeway
Length: About 7 minutes

1. Calm is the sea.
Bright is the causeway.
Narrow it stretches
Over the view.
Open my eyes.
Clearly I see it,
Path of my purpose.
I’m walking through.

2. Tide rising high
Darkens the causeway.
Narrow it hovers
Over my fear.
Fog from the deep
Clouding my vision,
Making the bridge
From me disappear.

3. Here is the way,
Shining in sunlight.
I travel onward,
Guided and sure.
I realize
Only perception
Strays from the channel
That’s mine evermore.

Accompanied by Sunny, my lyre, this song is in the Dorian mode, which is grounding, and common in shanty songs. It’s about 7 minutes long, with musical interludes for meditation. I do hope you enjoy!

For Sue Vincent’s inspiring
Thursday #Writephoto Prompt, Causeway.

This is the first song I’ve written in 18 months! I’ve written a few instrumental pieces, meditations, and many poems; but I’ve missed the songwriting–lyrics, melody, accompaniment, singing… And even trying to remember the lyrics to make just one good recording all the way through! Thank you, Sue! 🙂

Song of the Sea

Original Ukulele Song
From the free album download
Mother Nature Sings

Being Love – Metaphysical Treatment #Prayer #Song

Oh God, thank you for being my life! Thank you for being the power that created me in your image. Thank you for being the source that sustains me every moment. Thank you for being love.

You are the universe, the infinite, eternal substance. You are all there is! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are mine, and I am yours. Even when I feel separation, I am always with you, because you are with me and within me. You are here, even when I don’t feel you. You are here, even when negativity surrounds me. You are here, even when my mind is full of trouble.

With one single breath, by your power I can move away from negativity, closer to the truth, to your everlasting, ever present truth. Your truth is my essence and resides within me each moment. No matter what I encounter from the world or from the illusions of my mind, your truth, your love, is still my source, my nature, my being. If I have not love, I am nothing.

I am something, I am someone, I am special, because I am your creation. I was not created and left. I am created and kept by you, through you, and in you. Therefore, I always have love, indeed I am love.

I affirm that by giving up the personal ego daily, or as often as needed, I am aware of this truth, your truth, my truth, the truth of love.

By your power that is mine, I am a manifestation of love, I am the Word made flesh. I demonstrate love through my actions, words, thoughts about others, and above all, my thoughts about myself. I speak kindly to myself. Silently and aloud, I affirm love, because love is who and what I really am. Nothing can separate me from love. This is my substance. This is my awareness. This is my truth. This is how I live.

In love I give thanks! I let it be so with every breath I take!

And so it is! Amen.

I Am Love

Original Song on Ukulele

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Rippling Cascade #Writephoto #Music #Poem

Download Meditation Mp3

Poem and musical meditation for
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto prompt, Cascade.

I play the meditation on zither (also called a plucked psaltery or lap harp). Improvisation in the Lydian mode, for those who want to know. 🙂 More importantly, Ripply is the zither’s name, so it was the natural (read: only) choice for this meditation. Please feel free to download and share the mp3!

Rippling Cascade

Water ripples, water flows,
Though we can’t see where it goes.
From the hallowed hidden falls
Back into the Source of All.

Let your body be at ease.
Leave your manic mind in peace.
Safe from rushing here and there,
Now releasing every care.

Feel the rippling water soft,
Taking all the edges off.
Ragged-rough to round and smooth,
Let it cradle, let it soothe.

All the tension you have held
Fades away and gently melts.
You surrender every stress,
Giving thanks for needed rest.

In your mind you find a place
Where the water fills the space.
Deep, renewing, healing womb,
This is your creative room.

All your passions, dreams and play
Come alive again today.
They are not gone; they are not lost.
They are yours, Love pays the cost.

Let the water take your fears,
Loneliness and every tear.
Give your doubts and questions up,
Rippling Spirit fills your cup.

Water comes and water goes,
Urging things to die, or grow.
If there’s something you must leave,
Let it go, and then receive.

For unto you the water comes
To show you where you’re really from:
Made of Spirit more than bone,
Always with you, not alone.

And this body that you wear?
Water is its substance fair.
So let the rippling changes be;
Your Essence: Truth, Eternal, Free!

Water ripples, water flows,
Though we can’t see where it goes.
From the hallowed hidden falls
Back into the Source of All.

Bunessan/Morning Has Broken #Music #Mp3

Download Bunessan Mp3

“Bunessan” is a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune. In the United States at least, it is better known as the melody of the hymns “Morning Has Broken” and “Child in a Manger.” The 1931 lyrics of “Morning Has Broken” are still under copyright, but we’re free to play “Bunessan” to our hearts’ (and zither’s!) content. Enjoy!

Thank You for the Music #Poem #Song

Thank you for the music
and the instruments I play.
Thank you for the gentle tones
that help me through the day.
Thank you for creative flow
that shows me who I am.
Thank you for the Truth I know:
Because of You, I can!

Bless the flowing music
and the instruments I hold.
Bless the crew and builders,
and let their work unfold.
Bless all those who listen,
and let them be renewed.
In the loving flow of music,
Let us all hear one thing: You!

Power of a Song