“Sweet Blessings” by Anne Crosby Gaudet #Music

This beautiful piece was composed by Anne Crosby Gaudet. She is a wonderful harpist, pianist, teacher, composer, and arranger from Canada. “Sweet Blessings” is an elementary level harp piece that’s easy and comfortable to learn and play. Anne kindly gave her permission for me to share “Sweet Blessings” on Mystical Strings! I’m playing zither (also called plucked psaltery), because the ringing metal strings are especially lovely.

Anne’s performance video can be found
and her video tutorial for learning part of the piece is
I used both the performance video and the tutorial to learn “Sweet Blessings” and picked out the rest by ear.

If you read sheet music, you can
purchase “Sweet Blessings” here.

I’m not affiliated with Anne or her shop. I just really enjoy hearing and playing this piece, and her teaching style is warm, accessible, encouraging, and helpful!

Even though this is a harp piece, you can use the video, tutorial, and/or sheet music to learn it on another instrument, the same way I learned it on zither. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you, Anne, for your wonderful music and teaching time and for allowing me to share this piece!

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