Swing Low, Sweet Chariot #Music

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There’s an all too rare appearance of alto recorder along with zither today! The recorder tends to be loud, so I put a makeshift mute on it. Unfortunately, it flattens the pitch along with making it quieter. But I hope you still enjoy listening to this familiar tune, an African-American spiritual first recorded in 1909 by Fisk University’s Fisk Jubilee Singers.

2 thoughts on “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot #Music

  1. I taught African American Art and Literature for years at Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA) – where I worked as professor of fine art and humanities. In my course, we looked at all areas of the arts and literature, and I love these pieces so much. We went as a class to visit exhibitions of African and African-American art and we attended musical performances together as a class. My students even got to travel to West Virginia University to see and hear Faith Ringgold when she was visiting there. I loved teaching that course every year – one semester – my favorite of them all because the students learned so much and were so enthusiastic.

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