A Blogging Party #Threethingschallenge

I didn’t have a party when I got my ordination license or any diplomas (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate). In fact, the last party I had, or that was held in my honor, was my high school graduation party. That was in June, 2003. So, it’s been a while.

I’ve noticed people having blogging anniversary parties around the web and thought it was a fun idea. However, I never thought I had enough followers to have one of my own. I guess I figured it would be easier, and dare I say less painful? not to have one at all, then to have one and draw little or no interest!

But here is where it ends! Sometime soon, maybe around Christmas, I, too, will have a blogging party! It won’t be an anniversary party, as I started blogging in June 8 years ago. But it will be fun, and I already have some ideas about gifts for all of you!

How about you? Have you ever had a blogging party of your own? Have you attended someone else’s? Or will you go out on a limb with me and host one for the first time?

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9 thoughts on “A Blogging Party #Threethingschallenge

  1. Crystal, I am really out of it – I never even heard of a Blogging Party.

    I had a birthday party once when I was about 8 years old, in the back yard. I just turned 77 in August . No parties when I got my BFA, MA, or MFA degrees at universities over the 12 years I was pursuing those 3 degrees. Nope! But, I’m a Virgo, so it would be RARE to find a Virgo at a party – but the one thing I have had as enormous celebration times have been the solo exhibitions of my art at galleries and museums over the past years since I began my career in 1976. Opening Receptions are the best parties one can imagine. Even for a solitary Virgo girl like me – but a blogging party? hmmmm, now that might be fun, too. I’ll celebrate yours.


    • I have heard great things about opening receptions, and have listened to them in movies. I haven’t attended one, at least not yet! I will have more ideas on the blogging party soon and would love it if you would like to participate, Linda! I am sure you have some wonderful holiday memories, poetry, photos, or art to share!


    • It’s kind of like when dVerse has their anniversary. Sometimes there is a theme, as mine will be around Christmas. Other times they are for a book or album release. It’s really up to The host and the participants. It’s just a fun way to share each other’s posts and make more connections with others. It will be wonderful for you to participate!

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