It Is Good!

I feel that precious can
Come open in my hand
And realize God created all
The best He ever could.
I touch that coffee can,
Proclaiming, “It is good!”

I smell aromas strong;
Sure as the day is long.
I’m waking up and taking on
More than I thought I could.
Inhaling coffee brewing,
Proclaiming, “It is good!”

I listen to the purr,
The gurgle and the whirr.
It’s music in a magic pot,
A song of purest gold.
I hear the dripping fade,
Proclaiming, “It is good!”

I taste that perfect cup
Of morning pick-me-up,
Or afternoon or evening,
Most any time will do.
I sip that cup of coffee,
Proclaiming, “It is good!”

If I could see one sight,
One special glimpse of Light,
I wonder if it wouldn’t be
A blessed and smiling fool,
A face just like my very own,
Proclaiming, “It is good!”


Cup of Coffee

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