Easter Day

Shouting, touting all the way,
“Christ is risen! Bless this day!”

Whirling, swirling everywhere,
Awe-inspiring breaking day.

All have come and few have seen
Glory on this joyous day.

But suddenly the crowd believes,
Claiming for their own this day.

Stranger things were never seen
By those who follow every day.

Many who would not believe
Brim with faith and hope this day.

“Christ is risen!” ringing out
On this longed-for wondrous day.

Whether now or then or when,
May we bless this Easter day!

This is a ghazal, a strangely haunting Arabic/Persian/English form. Today is NaPoWriMo day 16, and this was day 13’s prompt at napowrimo.net. Read more about the ghazal

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