Done but not Forgotten

I can’t help but feel relieved
This month of poetry is done!
I didn’t think I’d make it,
30 poems in 30 days?
Even though I write a song a week,
That’s just one, and this was
How many more?

Circumstances, situations, relationships, drama
All grabbed at my legs to entangle me in their delusional distractions.
And I can’t say I haven’t fallen prey!

But still, still the words have been there
When I became quiet enough to hear them,
Relaxed in body,
Open in mind,
Seeking in spirit
To find the words waiting to be written.

30 poems in 30 days?
There’s a first time for everything!
That was the beginning,
And this is the end.

Yet may the relaxed,
Continue for all eternity!
Done, but not forgotten,
To be remembered in any moment,
That the words may come
And Life may live
In peace.

A bonus for
This year was my first attempt, and I feel it was successful!