Pour out Your Presence

In memory of Nancy Abercrombie, who poured out God’s Presence through music for many wonderful years.

Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele
Soprano Recorder

1. My body is a vessel
Sailing on the waves.
It has lost direction,
Been tossed and blown astray.
And though the ship is sinking,
I can see the stars.
They light the sea of changes
And shine within my heart.

2. My body is a cup
Waiting to be filled.
It has known despair
And felt the empty chill.
And though the cup is broken,
It reflects the Light.
The wayshower of freedom,
The Christ in me is bright.

3. My body is a Temple
Where Your Truth abides.
And may my doors be open
To worship You inside.
‘Cause You are my foundation,
Building me on earth
Even as in Heaven
Through life and death and birth.

Fill me with Your Love!
Touch my soul of clay!
Bless my heart and mind,
So I may pour out Your Presence each day!