The Crusifixion: From the Aquarian Gospel

The account of the crusifixion of Jesus from The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. Personal meditation is “enough” to determine the meaning of the Easter season for your life. This text may complement your meditations; for me it is a relief from the traditional Biblical text, which I’ve always found gruesome and, as a child, terrifying.
Chapter 170
Chapter 171

Children, and most adults for that matter, don’t understand that it is the personal, limited ego-mind that is crusified. In this Light, the entire account takes on a new meaning, and helps us understand our true, spiritual identity much better. The text offers an intellectual focus. However, when taken into meditation, the experience can’t be put into words – it is simply recognized and known. For any and all degrees of this realization, let us give thanks!
And so it is!