Poetic Peace

Today ends National Poetry Month. Clearly, I haven’t written a poem every day as many have. But I’ve really enjoyed my favorite poets’ contributions throughout the month! Here and the following are why I use poetry as a spiritual tool.

Poetic Peace

We can say things in poetry
that we can’t say in “normal” speech.

Things we can’t say in prose,
we can say in poetry.

The image of the poet
being a little unhinged, eccentric, strange,
crazy, weird,
out there, warped,
jaded, off your rocker, a few fries short,
beyond the rest of us,
out of touch with “reality,”
better than,
and yet dysfunctional…

I see this image as a blessing!

I’ve said things in speaking
I later regretted-
not because of what I said,
I make no apologies for speaking the Truth-
But for how people chose to feel about them
and how they chose to respond.

I’ve written things in articles
I didn’t feel were complete.
Yet the more I wrote,
the bigger the gap,
the deeper the chasm,
the greater the confusion,
and this, too, I regretted.

And so I return to poetry
to say what needs saying,
to pray what needs praying.

Because I know that somehow
it’s okay,
even welcomed with open arms!

And no matter the reason,
for this
I am truly grateful
to the essence of poetry
that is the essence of God!


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