Happy New Month…….welcome to January, the Doorway!

A fitting, uplifting reminder in the dark that is Winter in our Northern hemisphere!

As we rest and rejuvenate, may we look within to the center and core of our being. This is where Truth already lies. May we rediscover and know that Truth, to manifest it more fully in the world!

We are not alone. Even in the darkness, Truth remains. When we don’t see the sun, it is still shining, just not where we can see it. May we know that the Light of Truth is still at work, even when we don’t take notice.

Blessings, always!


Doorways---Doorway Photo Credit: http://www.visionsofreality.co.uk You hardly get a “happy new month” wish in January! Everyone is tuned to the big picture: the New Year celebrations! January is even considered an anti-climax to all the excitement and frenzy of the last two months! However, like other months, January has its significance and symbolism! For one, the month is named after Janus, the double-faced Roman god of beginnings and endings! Maybe, this has to do with the striking paradoxes of the month. On one hand, January is a period of reflection, contemplation and serene soul searching. A time to review the last year/s and plan for the future! On the other hand, January marks a new beginning which imbues it with the bounce and impetus for renewed hope, high expectations and youthful vigor, even for aching limbs and minds! Those born in January have the alluring Carnation as their birth flower!…

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