Happy New Month and Welcome to the Season of Thanksgiving!

October is also Minister Appreciation Month in many Christian churches, Thanksgiving in Canada, and my birthday. So forget the hum-drum, embrace the harvest on all levels, and as the saying goes, have your cake and eat it too! 😀


Photo Credit:Lilium – Lilies &  Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to a Season of Thanksgiving!
October is a special month for Purpleraysblog; not only was the blog lunched on WordPress in October, the birthday of the “last hand” behind the blog is also in October! October will therefore, always be a month to count our blessings!

Now to the big picture!
October ushers in a season of celebrations and observances. China, the most populous country in the world is celebrating her National Day today, 1st October; so also is today the Independence Day of Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa!
Later in the month, countries like Austria, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and about eight others will celebrate their National, Independence, Republic, Liberation or Unification Days, respectively. Cap this with October as the United Nations Month and you see why almost every nation has a big occasion in month.
The United Nations!…

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