Rev. Crystal Ordained

Ministerial ordination gives someone the rights and privledges to perform ministerial functions. These may include teaching, spiritual coaching, serving a congregation with services and/or lectures… And the list goes on!

I just signed my vows and agreements for ordination by The International Metaphysical Ministry! I feel a sense of accomplishment, of joy, and of awe.

I also feel responsible, but in a good way. First of all, I’m responsible for my own consciousness. And then, I’m responsible for providing metaphysically-based, practical teachings to facilitate others improving their own lives.

I.M.M. founder Dr. Paul Leon Masters says ministers and teachers are capable guides. But that’s all we are! The Presence within each person is their real, true guiding light.

Ordination, to me, is an outer expression of inner work. A manifestation of consciousness. A demonstration of Truth. And in that Truth I will serve, expanding as I rejoyce in the expansion of others, through metaphysical ministry.

I give thanks for I.M.M., the University System and staff, who are so so helpful and supportive. I’m grateful to my fellow students and ministers who respond so openly when I reach out to them. And I give thanks for the Spirit within me, that is all and is in all, that guides, loves, creates and brings forth greatness in every unique way we each serve that Presence!